Freshly cooked soup creations

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We prepare all of the soups with the best ingredients in our catering kitchen in Hanover. You can choose between the most different flavour variants.

If you can’t find your favourite soup, please feel free to ask us for it.


We need a lead time for the order and the purchase of the necessary raw ingredients of 3 days – for special and fancy ingredients perhaps a little bit longer. We need a cook for every order, so the minimum order quantity is 40 servings.

Soups match to every opportunity – to conferences and congresses, to trade fair catering for your customers or your staff, to every kind of event as a midnight snack or to many other opportunities.


Soups are also seasonal specialities – for example asparagus cream soup, kale soup or pumpkin cream soup.


Needless to say that we can also deliver the whole equipment or beverages as well as additional food.


For the single prices please refer to the following catalogue: 

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